Once you have installed your blog and begun posting in it, you may be frustrated to find no one is visiting your blog to read your posts. Having an interactive, lively blog requires a little work, but it's not hard. I have five ways listed below to help get blog traffic to your site.

1. Post to your blog at least 2 to 3 times a week. Keeping fresh, original, quality content is a must. In each post, target a specific keyword that pertains to your blog subject area.

2. Visit other blogs in your niche and make comments to their posts, leaving a link back to your blog in your signature block. By becoming interactive with other blogs within your niche community, you will have more visitors already interested in your information.

3. Install the Google Sitemap Generator plugin. By submitting your sitemap you are informing Google, Live, and Yahoo of the pages within your site that you would like them to index. The bots quickly follow these pages and your blog is usually indexed quickly. Every new post or page you create, the sitemap is automatically updated along with Google, MSN and Yahoo being notified.

4. A quick way to get backlinks is through social bookmarking. It's free to add your website as a bookmark within social bookmarking sites, and by doing so you are acquiring a backlink from the bookmarking website.

5. Add an RSS feed to your blog so readers can be automatically notified when you post a new topic. This keeps them from having to check in on a regular basis, and allows them to visit only when your post interests them. They will also be reminded of your blog so they have a better chance to return to your site.

Blog traffic to your site is right around the corner. Just implement these 5 ways and you will start seeing results soon.