Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Communication Exchange

That's the name of this blog--Communication Exchange. A place to exchange ideas, information, and experiences about communication. I love to share my background as a Communication teacher with you, but I love even more hearing about your ideas and experiences, because communication requires two people--just like the tango!

One blogger who has been remarkably helpful to me as I try to navigate my way around this new and interesting world of blogging is Jena Isle. Jena stops by Communication Exchange and my other blog Subjective Soup regularly. Her comments are always insightful and packed with valuable information--particularly about blogging. It was Jena, for instance, who steered me to Helium, a nifty writing site, and encouraged me to get involved there.

One of Jena's blogs, GewGaw Writings (don't you love that title?), is a regular stop of mine. On this site, she notes that she is in the process of collecting posts from various bloggers to form a book of inspirational essays and she asked me to contribute. My effort, entitled A Simple Theory of Communication, appears on her January 8 post at GewGaw Writings. Please stop by and read it, and check out the variety of other wonderful selections Jena has for you on this site.

Thanks, Jena! Here's to communication exchange!